Sense Beacon

A low-powered environmental sensing device, which combines LoRaWAN™ for long range data transmission and Bluetooth LE for presence announcement, and device maintenance.

Lego 'Smart' City

A model demonstrating how the ‘Internet of Things’ can be used to enhance existing public services.


A free, public system which enables groups of makers, students and local government to deploy ‘Internet Of Things’ type devices, and have them communicate over large distances.

Student Drone Projects

Each year I set a final year project that utilises our drone squadron and ROS.

Antweight Spinner Bot

My second bot for Tinkersoc’s ant-weight robot wars.

LoRaWAN™ Xbee Adapter

An adapter for LoRaWAN™

Autonomous Boat Ver.1

An autonomous boat

Zero Security

A home security device

Antweight Cluster Bot

My entry into Tinkersoc’s first ant-weight robot wars - Two 70 gram wedge-bots.