Lego 'Smart' City

A model demonstrating how the ‘Internet of Things’ can be used to enhance existing public services.

The smart Lego city was built to accompany a ‘masterclass’ training session we provided for Kent County Council’s ‘Kent Connects’ partnership. The event provided presentation on a range of topics including: potential applications; data acquisition; commercial IoT infrastructures; the nuts-and-bolts of IoT systems e.g. what is possible, how this is achieved, and the standardisation process; legal responsibility; data analysis and storage; security; policies.

Lego City at ICE Showcase Event

The Lego City was designed to showcase the potential of a smart-city and to provide a tangible interaction for the participants; the presentations, as much as possible, linked with aspects of the Lego City.

The Cities capabilities included: * Congestion monitoring. * An adaptive pedestrian crossing, which identified peak use times and enabled ‘on-demand lighting’ during low-use hours. * Bin-level monitoring * Noise pollution monitoring * Audio announcements on mobile phones for users with sight disabilities (bus arrivals, etc.) * Street lighting which responds to traffic-flow.

The city provided this functionality by utilising a diverse range of sensors and embedded systems communicating using many different technologies: Zigbee, wired ethernet, WiFi, LoRaWAN, etc.