Antweight Spinner Bot

My second bot for Tinkersoc’s ant-weight robot wars.

TinkerSoc have now allowed destructive robots into their ‘ant weight’ robot wars. As before, bots have 150 grams’ weight limit and must fit within a 4” cubed box. To take advantage of this, I have decided to attempt to build a ‘spinner’ bot called ‘Rembrandt’.

Whereas ‘Orphan Black’ was designed to keep weight as low as possible, this robot utilises the full weight limit. As such, electronic control has moved to a more traditional RC setup with fail-safe. A brushless motor drives the main weapon - it is driven by a 12A ESC that uses my own version of Simon K’s firmware. In addition, to help protect the motor's bearings, the weapon is belt driven to provide slip during impacts.

Because of the forces this robot is likely to experience, everything on the inside is appropiately strapped down and secured. The wheels are also more robust by using neoprene tyres with aluminium hubs. Their size also helps Rembrandt to counter the effect of the spinner weapon by providing more grip; in software I will also use some automatic trimming to compensate the ‘gyro’ effect as the spinner accelerates.

Rembrandt is yet to be proved in battle and is still going through some minor design revisions to ensure its internals are as secure as possible, but hopefully it’ll put on a good show!

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