LoRaWAN™ Xbee Adapter

An adapter for LoRaWAN™

The RN2483 is a module that embeds the LoRaWAN™ Class A protocol. This allows a developer to rapidly connect to public/privately owned LoRaWAN compliant networks.

As I use to use a lot of Xbee devices to create Zigbee based networks, I’ve become quite use to the format (despite its breadboard unfriendly format). As such, I designed a small breakout shield to allow me to drop-in the RN2483 into existing designs.

By ditching the ‘arrow’ shape of the Xbee, I’m able to support two antenna connectors (433 MHz and 868 MHz). The pad for the antenna connectors allow the choice between edge SMA, SMT UFL or a little bit of wire, whichever best suits the desired application.

Whilst I currently only breakout the required, power, serial and reset pins. A future version will route the extra GPIO in a similar way as the Digi Xbees.