Zero Security

A home security device

I’ve recently purchased a new house and naturally it hosts a few home automation devices; such as: Phillips Hue, Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect and Amazon Alexa.

I really wanted to add OpenHab into the mix to improve the integration between some of these services and to do double duty as a home security camera - it doesn’t help to know if your house may be on fire, if you can’t actually see it to give you all the reason to ring the fire brigade!

As such, I utilised one of my spare Pi Zero’s to run OpenHab and Zoneminder. Naturally, out of the box this wouldn’t look very fancy, which just wouldn’t do. So some 3D modeling, and borrowing a bit of inspiration from the commercial ‘Canary’ home security device, I came up with a nice plastic shell to hold all of the parts securely (snap fit’s and bosses included!).

The resulting device should get the highly important Wife Acceptance Factor.